Have you been putting off scheduling your family photos because you aren't sure how the kids will act? Or because your spouss hates taking photos? Well I've got 3 tips to make getting your family photos taken easy for everyone.

Tip #1: Talk to your kids before the session. Let them know what your photographer's name is and where you'll be going. Set the expectation that this is going to be a good experience, and they will look forward to it knowing they'll get a new friend! Let your photographer know ahead of time what kinds of things your kids like - what are their favorite tv shows & movies? Do they like to sing? What other interests to they have? This will help your photographer be able to ask about these things specifically to help your kids open up and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I ask this directly in my client questionnaire! My advice is to not tell your kids that they "have" to behave, or to otherwise make it something they will be dreading. If you make it seem like a positive and fun experience to look forward to, so will they.

Tip #2: Have fun during your session! Help make your kids feel like they (and you!) are playing during your photo session! I always have a few games up my sleeve to help my youngest clients run around and have fun. If you fully commit, so will they. Play brings out genuine smiles and beautifully authentic connection with each other.

Tip #3: Stay connected to each other throughout your session. Whether this is a family session, couples session, maternity, or anything else - stay connected to each other at all times! Not just when you hear the shutter button clicking. Hold your partner's hand, lean your head on their shoulder, put your hand around their waist - while standing still, walking and following your kids, or sitting and snuggling on a blanket. Look and smile at each other even during the moments that you aren't being prompted to. Embrace and enjoy this time you are spending together free of distractions.

Just be yourselves. Talk and joke how you normally would at home, so that beautiful candid moments play out naturally. I'm just there to capture you as you are!

Hi! I'm Katie Holm, family and lifestyle photographer based in Dexter, Michigan and serving the greater Ann Arbor area. I'm so happy you're here! Check out more about me here!